Zambo siege a diversionary tactic by gov’t – Cruz

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MANILA, Sept. 10, 2013— The government is trying to divert people’s attention away from the pork barrel controversy through the Zamboanga City siege, an archbishop has alleged. 

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz, a staunch critic of the Aquino administration, claimed that the Zamboanga crisis has the “blessing” from some individuals from Malacañang. 

“There is the so-called diversionary tactic. What is that? In order to deviate the attention of people from one issue, other issues will be made to surface,” he said.

“This crisis in Mindanao, this will divert the attention of the peoples from the pork barrel… There are people surrounding the president, who are very expert in these things,” he said. 

Hundreds of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) fighters yesterday infiltrated at least five villages in Zamboanga City and held several civilians including a priest as hostages. 

The rebels reportedly aim to hoist their flag at the Zamboanga City Hall to symbolize their declaration of independence for Mindanao. 

The crisis comes amid growing calls for the abolition of pork barrel highlighted by the Million People March last month in Luneta and a prayer vigil to be held at the EDSA Shrine on Sept. 11. 

Cruz then called on the public not to lose their focus in calling for the abolition of the now notorious pork barrel system and stop corruption in government. 

“Don’t fall for it. Stick to this major issue of the abolition of the pork barrel system to safeguard public funds,” he added. 

“Before you know it, nobody will talk about the pork barrel anymore,” warned the archbishop. (CBCPNews) 

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