Youth: Pnoy’s RH stance casts doubt on anti-corruption campaign

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MANILA, Dec. 17, 2012—A network of Catholic youth expressed reservations on the sincerity of President Benigno Aquino’s anti-corruption campaign because of his strong push for the passage of the reproductive (RH) bill.

In an open letter sent to the President, the groups said young people are the vanguards of a better tomorrow.

“Our country is always in need of excellent leaders, especially in the presidency. President Aquino, you came with a motivation to continue the advocacy of your parents on the freedom and liberties of the sovereign Filipinos and bore a message which encouraged us ‘Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap’. For you and for us, it was a confirmation of your Daang Matuwid, the faith that in doing right, heedless of the short-term setbacks, we will achieve the good,” the groups said.

However, the groups said they are really bothered that the president is pushing hard for the passage of the measure.

“The bill contains excellent provision but it is rather like a cold soft drink with a drop of poison. That poison is its provision on contraception. Down to its bottom line, no frills involved, the RH bill seeks to subsidize the enjoyment of sex without the corresponding responsibilities that it naturally entails,” they added.

The youth groups also said that contraceptive use only allows a person to enjoy sex without having to worry about rearing a child.

Is it not the case that corruption happens precisely when a person begins to want physical and material pleasure without facing up to its naturally attendant responsibility, they continued.

Contraception is corruption, and of grave order than stealing money which corrupts the system, the groups said, but the bill, if pass into law will not just corrupt the system but the Filipino people.

“Please do not be pacified by the argument that we should leave it to freedom of choice. Aside from its logical missteps, it is a cowardly argument, something unsuited and ill fitting for a president like you who have proven his mettle and courage when you went guns ablaze against our thieving leaders. After all, you did not leave the matter of tobacco and liquor to freedom of choice,” they said.

The youth are hoping for the president’s reconsideration on his stance on the bill and will make the right choice, heedless of the short-term setbacks, confident that he would right to attain good.

“Do this and we can celebrate your presidency without a taint. Do this and each time we compliment you, we don’t have to add a disclaimer. Do this and you will truly be a hero,” they furthered.

Signatories of the open letter are the Youth United for the Philippines (YUP_, World Youth Alliance-Asia Pacific Region, iKeep Love Real Program, I am S.T.R.O.N.G. Program, Pharos and AIESEC of UA&P, University of Asia and the Pacific University Student Government, CAS-Student Executive Board of UA&P ’11-’12, UP for Life, UP Caduceus, PAREF Westbridge Student Council, The Bosun Student Publication, Junior Marketing Communications, UA&P Comelec, Christ the King Parish Youth Ministry, UP Student Catholic Action (UPSCA) and UP Klub Tala.

CFC-YFL, Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL), CFC-Singles for Family and Life, Holy Cross Parish Youth Ministry, St. Paul University-Quezon City Honor Society, Samahang Kabataang Marinduqueño, Parish Youth Ministry, Debate Society, Parish Commission on Youth-Parish of the Holy Cross, Taguete Girls Club, FLiQ Media, St. Augustine Youth Ministry-Iba in Zambales, Live Pure Movement, Serve Life Cagayan de Oro, Heartbeat Asia and Heartbeat International, also signed the letter.

Copies of the letter were also given to solons during the session last week.

With the outcome of 113-104 in favor of yes, young people remain strongly against the bill and will continue to defend life. As they said after the voting, “the battle is not yet over.”

Congress is set to meet again today for the 3rd reading and final voting and the youth are anxious on what the outcome will be. (Jandel Posion)


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