Youth leader to adults: Let’s junk RH Law ‘garbage’ together!

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MANILA, March 24, 2015—A youth leader has reminded his elders of their moral duty to alert young Filipinos on the culture the Reproductive Health (RH) Law helps promote, stressing the importance of everyone working together to ensure society is protected from the dangers of what he called “garbage.”

Luzon Chief State Squire Rae Vincent Evangelista speaks about the “deception” of the Reproductive Health Law during the Knights of Columbus-led March for Life held Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the San Andres Gym in Manila. (Photo: Yen Ocampo)

Threat to youth

Addressing participants of the Knights of Columbus-led March for Life held Saturday, March 21, at the San Andres Gym in Manila, Rae Vincent Evangelista, Luzon Chief State Squire, said the controversial RH Law disregards the moral well-being of all, especially the youth.

“Yes, there’s much we can do. Older people must guide us, show us RH Law for what it really is: a piece of garbage,” he said.

According to him, the law exposes them to sex at a young age by teaching them how to use condoms, pills, and other contraceptives.

Extramarital sex

“Does it mean it is totally okay for us to have sex as long as we consume these things?” he asked.

While he is confident his values are in place, 17-year old Evangelista feared more for fellow youth who lack the formation on the sanctity of life and marriage Columbian Squires members like him get.

Minus procreation

Citing the article “Contraception: The Gateway to Moral Decay,” he explained that besides promoting promiscuity, contraceptives reduces sex to a merely physical act, divorcing it from its original, Divine end: procreation, the gift of life.

He pointed out that part of this “contraception deception” would have Filipinos believe RH Law prevents HIV, AIDS, and STD cases from increasing, particularly among young people.

“This is so not true,” Evangelista declared.

Parental guidance

“My fellow youth, RH Law is not the answer to our problems. What we need is the proper guidance of our elders. They must constantly instill in us the truth that sex is too sacred an act which only married couples can engage in,” he added. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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