Youth group all out for marriage, family

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QUEZON City, July 5, 2015—Reiterating that the law of God, the “author of love and marriage,” is above man’s, the youth arm of the Catholic charismatic group Couples for Christ (CFC) Global chooses to uphold the sanctity of marriage and family life in line with the Gospel, while refusing to join the rainbow bandwagon celebrating same sex “marriage”.

Lawrence Quintero, international coordinator of CFC Youth for Christ (YFC) (Photo: Corinna Dela Paz)


“God’s law is above man’s law. So let us be guided and live according to the law of God—the law of truth and love, which cannot be separated. Let us all be revolutionized by the love of God. And let us revolutionize the world where we live in with the same love that we have in Christ Jesus,” shares Lawrence Quintero, international coordinator of CFC Youth for Christ (YFC), in a recent circular.

In view of the ever growing threats to marriage and family life, he invites all CFC-YFC members to proactively counter what Pope Francis referred to as “ideological colonization” by going back to Jesus in prayer, scripture reading, and reflection.

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Selfless love

“Let us continue to be rooted, founded, and growing in love according to God and exemplified by Christ. A love that is selfless, finds its joy in the fulfillment of caring for and serving others, Let us grow in our faith and let it be our guide in our choices,” Quintero says.

Despite their shortcomings, he also calls on everyone to cultivate a deeper relationship with their families, cherishing their parents and siblings, rejoicing in their collective victories, and learning from their challenges and trials.

Family first

“Our families may not be perfect, but God allowed them to be with us as we go through life here on earth … Let us hold on to each other whatever will happen. Let us prepare for our future marriage and family life by now. Let us grow in love as a family and let it be our treasure to hold on and to pass on,” he states.

More practically, Quintero exhorts YFCs to excel in their studies and to reject all forms of cheating, stressing this can help them prepare better for the future.

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Learn, respect

“Let us learn history and science, and more importantly, our Catholic Catechism so that we can appreciate more our faith and live by it. Let us build friends and appreciate different kinds of people and value them with equal dignity as we are. Let us grow in knowledge, integrity, and respect, and let it be our means of facing the world now and the future,” he stresses.

Reaching out

Seeing how this will help them grow in charity and compassion, Quintero moreover urges YFC members to reach out to those in need, by sharing their gifts, talents, and resources with them regardless of the amount.

“Let us learn how to serve, to help others, and not to glorify ourselves. Let us grow in charity and compassion, and let it be our strength that lifts up the weak and the needy,” he adds. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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