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MANILA, Dec. 12, 2012—The youth are gearing up for Congress to watch closely the voting of the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill and to give their support to pro-life lawmakers.

Young people are opposing the passage of the bill into law because of its negative effects on the lives of the young not only in today’s era but also in future generations.

NCR Youth Coordinator Peter Pardo said the youth’s presence in Congress today will be a proof to pro-RH legislators that young people understand the true meaning of freedom and are not promiscuous.

“The youth are against the bill because it is anti-life, against our morality, against our faith and against the teachings of the Church. We have to go to the congress to show them that we care and we will watch closely this crucial issue and how our so-called representatives will truly represent us,” Pardo said.

“We show them that we value the teachings of the church and that we value life. And also to prove to them that there is really a thing as Catholic vote and we will together bid goodbye to those who underestimate this reality,” he added.

Meanwhile, Eilleen Esteban, YouthPinoy president, emphasized that the future of the young is the one being betted when the bill would be passed into law.

“We should not just watch. We share, fight and stand against the false propaganda of the government that young people are for RH bill. Because the statement that the Young are the hope of the nation and the Church is still alive,” Esteban said.

She said that the youth can prove that they are against the bill.

“This will be a part of our history that we stand and fight for the most important fight of our faith, character and dignity as human beings. It will destroy the foundation of Filipino families. Reduce the definition of sex and marriage and moral values of life. And it will further spread the cheating and extra-marital affair if the bill will be voted into law,” Esteban furthered.

JC Perez, 24, said the passage of the bill will affect the future of the young and “will destroy our Filipino cultural heritage which is love and giving values to family life.

For Melanie Santos, a volunteer staff of the National Secretariat for Youth Apostolate, the youth as part of the society must also be heard, especially their stand against RH bill.

“The youth will be the next to constitute a family, they also demand respect particularly on the family or married life. What kind of morality will the youth experience in the future–condoms, contraceptives, abortion?” reacted Santos.

Aaron Veloso, 20, said that the youth must go to the congress because today is the only remaining opportunity for the young to show to lawmakers that they are for life, not for RH bill.

Veloso said the RH bill won’t be doing the youth any favor should it become a law since they will be the ones who will suffer the consequences.

He said he doesn’t want this and the future generation to suffer the problems of labor deficit, high HIV incidence and other impacts of the RH bill.  (Jandel Posion)


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