Year of Faith: Celebrating a Church unchanging yet ever-new

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MAKATI City, Sept. 26, 2012?A celebration of a Church unchanged yet endlessly evolving – this seems to be the underlying theme of the celebration of the Year of Faith that will kick off this October 11.

Speaking to some 680 lay leaders and members of the clergy and religious from the Archdiocese of Manila last Monday, Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle talked on how the Year of the Faith will be about appreciating even more “the Church [that] remains itself in changing in times, [yet] unafraid of assuming different forms.” 

Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle explains the significance of the Church's celebration of Year of Faith.

During an orientation on the Year of Faith, Tagle explained the wisdom and insight behind Pope Benedict XVI’s proclamation of a Year of Faith and calling for a Synod for the New Evangelization.

“He affirmed there is only one Church, there is only one faith in continuity through the ages. But by calling for the Synod he realizes that one faith, one Church must engage [in] changing realities,” Tagle said.

The Archbishop of Manila also outlined how the Mother Church has undergone different renewals throughout its history – from the life of the early Christians who celebrated the Eucharist in their homes, to an emphasis on the monastic life, the shifting of faith expressions to the universities, on to the primacy of the Papacy and eventually to Vatican II and the challenges of modern living.

According to Tagle, the changing cultural tide also reveals, no one can presuppose faith or consider it a given.

This is why a considerable part of the celebration of the Year of Faith will focus on “receiving the gift of faith again.”

He likened it to the life of spouses, “You have to receive each other as a gift over and over again. So that married life, family life will bloom.”

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo also explained this is why recollections, catecheses, celebratory gatherings and prayer experiences will be part of the Year of Faith activities.

The Year of Faith will formally close on November 24, 2013, the Solemnity of Christ the King. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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