Year of Faith calls for discipleship—priest

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Fr. Ramil Tapang, SSP encourages young children to live profoundly their missionary role by sharing their faith to others. (Photo: Jandel Posion)

MANILA, Jan. 31, 2013—A priest from the Society of St. Paul (SSP), in a recently concluded Mission Congress has reminded children and young people that the celebration of the Year of Faith is a call to discipleship and apostleship.

Fr. Ramil Tapang, SSP on January 26 spoke about the importance of celebrating meaningfully the Year of Faith and the mission of children and young people to share to others the meaning  and spirit of the celebration.

Tapang emphasized that discipleship is a call to every Christian to live the faith and share the Good News to others.

“You have the mission to help the Church propagate the faith. Jesus wants us to go out to spread His word and out of our comfort zone. Now, do you respond to the call of the Lord?” Tapang said.

He also stressed the need for young people to read and integrate the message of the Bible in their daily life instead of spending their entire waking hours using mobile phones.

“Stay focused and do sacrifice, have fun and give importance to your life. Don’t hesitate to take risks. Life is also a great challenge and don’t we all risk it? Risk it, you might discover a new person in yourself,” he said.

He furthered that only a person who takes risks is free, adding a question: will you take the risk?

Meanwhile, Dr. J. Baptistine Ralamboarison, secretary general of the Vatican’s Pontifical Society of Missionary Children, has expressed her deep gratitude for the work done by members of the Holy Childhood Association here in the country.

In her message, Ralamboarison encouraged the children and young people present during the mission congress to grow more the spirit of spiritual and material solidarity.

“I would like to ask you a promise. Will you promise more and more to be missionaries every day? This is the mission that is entrusted to you because you know you have the ability and you know that God loves you. It is your task to spread the good Word,” she added.

The secretary general also expressed her wish that every Filipino child will do even more mission work so that everyone can fulfil their missionary role to share the love of God not only in their own community but in the whole country. (Jandel Posion/CBCPNews)


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