‘We don’t need RH’—youth leader

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MANILA, March 23, 2015—Speaking on behalf of fellow Catholic youth, a member of the Columbian Squires has voiced the sentiment of Filipinos who belive the Reproductive Health (RH) Law only creates unnecessary expenses instead of spending for food production and education.

Taxpayers’ money

“RH Law means more taxpayers’ money has to go into it. As a youth leader, I declare: We don’t need RH,” Rae Vincent Evangelista, Luzon Chief State Squire, shared during the Walk for Life Event the Knights of Columbus spearheaded on Saturday, March 21.

“What we need is food that nourishes our bodies. What we need is the education that will ready us for future employment so that we can help provide for our families, and contribute to the nation’s growth,” he added.


According to him, the Columbian Squires and the Knight of Columbus, in keeping with Catholic teaching, maintain that RH Law has no place in society, and should not have been passed in the first place.

Rejecting claims by RH proponents that overpopulation allegedly causes massive hunger, Evangelista said, nothing could be more simplistic and further from the truth.

Causes of hunger

Backed by studies, he explained hunger can be blamed on different factors: disasters, war, low technology, waste, greed, corruption, and uneven distribution of resources, among other things.

While it is true that global population is increasing, Evangelista stressed this should not be taken to mean a bleaker, lower living standard for all in the near future.

Technological breakthroughs

The population boom, he said, is due not to more humans being born each day, but to less of them dying, thanks to technological advances, with growth rate steadily decreasing in the process.

To prove his point, Evangelista said a woman in the 1960 gave birth to six babies on average, while her 2002 counterpart gave birth to just 2.6, adding the growth rate was down to 1.2 percent from 2.1 percent previously. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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