Villegas reiterates Church’s position on RH; urges faithful to uphold truth with love

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Archbishop Soc Villegas

MANILA, Jan. 27, 2014—Amid speculations that he has mellowed down on his stance on the controversial Reproductive Health Law opposed by the Church, CBCP president and Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan Socrates Villegas reiterated that the Church maintains its ground against the highly debated population control measure.

In a press conference held after the CBCP’s 108th Plenary Assembly Villegas clarified, “We must stand by the truth, but we must always be loving as we stand for the truth. The position [RH] does not change but the reaching out is added into it.”

“We respect those who have a different opinion and more than that we reach out to them and let us be friends beyond the RH Law,” added Villegas.

Villegas also cited the possibility of more disagreements and called for the things that would bridge the gap between opponents and proponents of the population control policy.

Villegas expressed, “There will be many more disagreements but let us not allow our disagreements to disunite us further. Because we have enough disunity already, so let us look for the things that unite us. That is the spirit.”

The CBCP president also asked members of the media to ‘be partners’ in bringing out the truth.

“We look at you as partners, and I hope you will also look at us as partners. We are not just object of your work. Let us be partners together in bringing out the truth and the truth must always be proclaimed no matter what the cost. But the truth must always be proclaimed with much love.”

The RH Law now known as Republic Act 10354 remains on halt after the Supreme Court last year issued a status quo ante order which prohibits the law from being implemented. (Paul de Guzman)

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