V-Day showdown: condoms vs. candies

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MANILA, Feb. 14, 2014—Aside from being a special day for lovers, today, contraception advocates and pro-lifers take to the streets with their weapons of Valentine persuasion — condoms and candies.

“We feel that our society is associating Valentine’s Day, not just with love and romance, but also premarital sex. Today, we want to reach out to as many people as we can in order to preach [a] message of love and sacrifice,” said Filipinos for Life president AJ Perez, explaining the pro-life group’s counter move of giving away candies with printed messages about true and pure love around the University belt in Mendiola.

Love is sacrifice

True enough, according to a GMA News, several girls in sexy outfits were spotted giving away condoms, telling the men “to have a safe Valentine’s Day”, in the Dangwa area in Manila, an area known for its fresh flower market, which can get especially congested during February 14 because of husbands and young men eager to find fresh bouquet of blooms for their lady loves.

According to Voltaire Del Santa, a Filipinos for Life member, condom-giving on Valentine’s Day fails to champion the true meaning of the red letter day.

“Condoms only promote sex and not love…I believe that the goal of the candy giving is to counter the condom mentality,” Del Santa said.

Through the short text and Bible verses included in the candy packs, Perez believes, single, young people will be reminded that love equals sacrifice, primarily “saving one’s self for marriage and saying no to pre-marital sex.”

Positive reactions 

Perez, whose group Filipinos for Life has been giving away candies since last year’s Valentine’s Day together with Pro-Life Philippines, said the reaction of students are generally positive, ranging from surprise to curiosity.

“We once gave these candies away inside the LRT coaches, and it was amusing to see everyone looking at the message inside the packs — which was one of honoring God with our bodies,” he said.

Perez also noted that St. Valentine, the martyr after whom the secular celebration of love is named, endured a very brutal death by being beaten by clubs and beheaded for his faith.

“We celebrate a saint who has sacrificed his life all for love,” he added. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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