Use social media power to transform digital world, young people told

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MANILA, Nov. 24, 2013—Today’s young people have in them the power to transform the internet as a place of solidarity if they use their online presence to support one another, the secretary of the Pontifical Commission on Social Communication, said. 

“You are the people that make up the social media. You are the people that make up the community of the internet. Use your power, your voice, your talents, your abilities to make social media a place of solidarity,” Msgr Paul Tighe told mostly young participants during the closing Mass of the Catholic Social Media Summit, November 24. 

“We often talk about the power of the internet, the power of social media,” Tighe said. “And many of you have the red t-shirt and written on the back of it is ‘I’ve got the power’. So you’re claiming you do have power because you have power by your presence in social media. And the real question again is how will you use that power.” 

He urged the young people to transform social media as a “place where we look up for one another, where we support one another, where we care for one another.” 

He told them to collectively resist the temptation to use the power of social media to promote oneself in order to become popular, well liked and become a celebrity. 

Instead, he said one’s choices should be to think more of others and less of oneself. 

“And that’s what we need and should try to keep alive, not just in our online presence, but in everyday of our life,” he said. 

Tighe noted that if one tends to become self absorbed, that person would end up very lonely, whereas if one is attentive to the needs of others, “then am building up something good; assuring a world where there is place for everybody.” 

He admitted though that it is not always easy to be a person for others, but he said from the Lord comes the power and the strength to do so. 

“Our strength comes not from ourselves but by unifying ourselves, by making ourselves one with the sacrifice of Christ, by knowing that his example, his continued presence gives us the energy, the source of our strength,” he said. 

“He is the one who is with us. So when you wear that t shirt, and say ‘I’ve got the power’, the power is not on your back. The power is in your heart. Because the power is in the presence of Jesus, strengthening you particularly in community and in gathering,” he furthered. 

Tighe keynoted the Catholic Social Media Summit that was held at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran, November 23-24. It was organized by YouthPinoy in collaboration with the Episcopal Commission on Youth and the CBCP Media Office. (CBCPNews)

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