Use holy water, scapulars to ward off evil— exorcist

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Exorcised salt can also be used to bless farm land, vehicles, rooms or food.

QUEZON City, June 10, 2013—Holy water, exorcised oil, salt, scapulars. These are just some things present-day believers should use to protect themselves from evil that seems unnoticed yet all too common, says an exorcist.

“The devil has been able to roam undetected even to the point that we don’t believe he exists,” Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, a Rome-based theologian, said during a series of talks last Saturday.

Fear, anxiety from the devil

Fr. Iannuzzi, who has been assisting one of the chief exorcists in  the diocese of Rome, Fr. Gabriel Amorth for years, said that Catholics should go back to using sacramentals like holy water, exorcised oil and salt, scapulars and the powerful Benedictine cross.

Talking to an audience of more than a thousand, he explained how diabolical activity is more commonplace than people like to believe.

“Any sense of fear or anxiety is an evil spirit,” he said, even daring to say that majority of nightmares is caused by demons.

“As St. Peter said in his letter, the devil roams the earth, looking for someone to devour,” Fr. Iannuzzi added.

He advised Catholics to sprinkle their house with holy water if they experience ‘strange happenings’ and to combat nightmares by blessing themselves with holy water before going to bed.

Power of sacramentals

Fr. Iannuzzi also recommended using exorcised oil, since it lasts longer. He reminded everyone, however, that only olive oil can be used for this purpose.

He also warned against overdoing these holy practices.

“I’m not saying be scrupulous [like] if anyone bothers you, throw [holy water] in their face,” he explained with a laugh.

For those who have been using the sacramentals, and complain that they do not feel any differently, Fr. Iannuzzi said, often, the proof is precisely that ‘nothing happens.’

“This is what is keeping your family safe, believe it or not,” he said.

Sacramentals are sacred objects, actions or blessings that communicate grace to believers through the prayers of the Church. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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