US expat tells Filipinos: ‘Learn from our contraception mistake’

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Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines chairman Tim Laws says, he has seen the deplorable effects of contraception on American society.

MANILA, July 11, 2013—An American living in the Philippines hopes the country will be able to evade the deplorable effects of widespread access to contraception – something that the U.S. is still grappling with.

“Being an American, seeing the effects that contraception has had on the U.S. and also knowing what has been happening in Europe, [I know] it attacks the family and over time it dismantles the family…No society can survive it,” Tim Laws, a pro-life activist married to a  Filipina, said in an interview after the holy mass offered for the start of the RH Law oral arguments last Tuesday.

The child as the ‘enemy’ 

Laws, who previously worked in a New York-based NGO that worked to address hunger and malnutrition, described contraception as the “true slippery slope” because it opens up acceptance of other anti-life measures by first changing perceptions.

“Contraception changes the way people think. It changes the people who use it. That’s the real problem with it…Because [of it] the child comes to be seen as an enemy — the enemy of the good life. And from a materialist stand point of view, that’s true. The child is the enemy of the good life,” Laws explained.

People who use contraceptives, he explained, are saying without words, “I will control my fertility in order to control my life and make better use of my resources.”

Contraception now, abortion tomorrow 

To the lay person, “to control one’s resources” seems like a perfectly legitimate need, but as statistics and research show, countries which first used contraception to suit socio-economic conditions, for example, would eventually — without exception — open its doors to abortion.

Research show an undeniable contraception-abortion link, simply because contraception will eventually fail, making abortion the logical back-up.

“There definitely is a slippery slope and it does start with contraception. Many of these evils such as euthanasia and even abortion were not prevalent before contraception became mainstream,” Laws, who has four children with his wife, added.

Studies done by the pro-contraception, pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute showed an increase in both contraceptive use and abortion rates in U.S., Cuba, Denmark, the Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea.

In the U.S. alone, an estimated 50 million abortions have been done — more than the number of military casualties in all the wars the country has fought combined.

Laws, who is also chairman of Alliance for the Family Foundation Philippines, an organization committed to Filipino family values, expressed hope that R.A. 10354 or the RH Law will eventually be junked by the Supreme Court. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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