‘True prayer is dangerous’ – priest

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PASAY City, May 1, 2015 –- The very word “prayer” brings to mind incense, candles and huge cathedrals. Few associate it with risk, adventure and life-changing danger – yes, danger.

Youth praying during a vigil at the Arzobispado chapel in Intramuros.

“True prayer is dangerous. It will slowly put God where He belongs in your life,” said Fr. Mariano Agruda III, prior of Our Lady of Hills Center for Spirituality.

According to the priest, prayer allows God to work in thelife of the praying person in “whatever way necessary.”

Life-changing prayer

“It will remove things that obstructs the full unfolding of God’s will in your life. God will take over your life. That force will change you,”Agruda added.

A praying person will change over time, he said. “[Prayer] will form our habits; it will cultivate new dispositions,” Agruda said.

He compared the process to long-standing relationships or bonds.

“Sooner or later you become like your friend. This is not a pious statement. It is an accurate description of what will happen when you pray…It is like being married for so many years, sooner or later you will begin to resemble the one you married,” Agruda explained.

Being close to Jesus

Far from being safe and predictable, being close to Jesus, he emphasizes, is both irresistible yet demanding.

“You want to be real friends with God? He will ask you for things that sometimes you’ll need to pay with the blood of your heart…[Life] will not be a well laid out plan it will be more like an adventure,” said Agruda.

According to the Carmelite priest, the life of a serious Christian goes head to head with the modern world’s premium on assurance and security.

“We are so obsessed with certainty. [But] the more spiritual you become, the more uncertain you become. The more spiritual you become, the darker it will become,” he added. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz/CBCPNews)

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