Top 10 tips from John Paul II on praying the rosary

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PASIG City, Oct. 9, 2016 – On the occasion of the month of the Most Holy Rosary a Catholic educator evoked “one of the greatest Popes of all time” from whom the faithful can learn at least ten ways to pray the rosary with more devotion.

“The highest priority John Paul II specified for the Church is ‘a training in holiness’, and this in turn, said Raul Nidoy, Director for Formation of the Parents for Education Foundation (PAREF), calls for “a Christian life distinguished above all in ‘the art of prayer’.”

‘Most effective way’

“And the most effective way is the rosary,” said the doctor in Theology.

“Drawing from the wisest Church teachings on learning prayer and knowing the challenges of today, the Great Pope gave specific instructions and recommendations on how we can pray the rosary well, in the most beneficial way,”

As an educator, Nidoy summed up St. John Paul II’s teachings on praying the Rosary into “Top 10 Instructions” which he identified as the following:

  • Do not just recite the Rosary. Contemplate the life of Jesus with the heart of Mary while praying.
  • Aim at becoming friends with Christ, learn his life, and become one with him.
  • Meditate on each of the mysteries.
  • Announce each mystery and use an icon to portray it.
  • After the announcement, read a related Biblical passage.
  • Pause for a few seconds after the announcement and reading to focus attention on the mystery.
  • Lift your heart to God the Father during the Our Father.
  • Remember that in the Hail Marys the center of the prayer is Jesus.
  • Give importance to the Glory Be, because giving glory to the Trinity is the goal and high point of contemplation.
  • Ask that our prayer improves our daily life.

One-page leaflet

“Even when his health was waning, John Paul II felt that God wanted him to be the Pope who will lead the Church at the beginning of the new millennium,” said Nidoy.

“And moved by God, he gave the Church a master plan, in a document titled ‘At the Beginning of the new Millennium’, containing his vision on how the Church can bring about a new springtime of Christianity in this era of the New Evangelization,” he recalled, noting how prayer plays a big part in the mission of the Church.

To help more people to further understand these recommendations from the holy Pope, Nidoy composed a one-page leaflet “Top Ten Instructions of St. John Paul the Great on the Rosary” which can be downloaded free of charge at http://primacyofreason.blogspot.com/ and shared with friends and organizations through social media or by printing leaflets which can be distributed in homes, parishes, and other public places. (Fr. Mickey Cardenas / CBCP News)



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