‘To be devoted to Mary is to imitate her’ – priest

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Oct. 14, 2015 – A priest reminded devotees of Our Lady of Fátima Tuesday, Oct. 13, that external expressions of faith should be seen in a consistently Christian way of living, stressing that to “imitate Mary is to imitate her virtues.”

The faithful show their devotion to Our Lady of Fátima on the 98th anniversary of her last apparition in Fatima, Portugal, on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015. (Photo: Raymond A. Sebastián)

“This is what we call imitation of Mary. True devotion to the Blessed Virgin should not stop at praying the rosary or reciting novenas. It should go beyond these external practices,” explained Fr. Rolando R. Agustín, rector of the Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew in La Huerta, Parañaque, in his homily.

True devotion

“True devotion to the Blessed Virgin consists, first and foremost, in imitating her exemplary works, her goodness,” he added.

Tuesday marked the 98th anniversary of the “Miracle of the Sun” and related phenomena witnessed by thousands in Fátima, Portugal on Oct. 13, 1917.

“God is good. The Blessed Virgin Mary is good. It is only reasonable that those who claim they are followers of God and Mary are also good,” the priest added.

More than rosaries

While rosaries, novenas, and processions of images are commendable, Agustín pointed out devotees must always find a balance and strive to connect these practices with a life lived wholly in keeping with God’s will, harboring no grudge against one’s neighbors and being charitable.

“Let us ask ourselves: Do these outward expressions of faith and my life jive? Am I generous,  loving, forgiving, understanding, persevering? Do I have complete trust in God?” he said.

Consistent Christian

According to Agustín, a person may go to Mass as often as he wants, or pray as long as he likes, but is no use if he keeps thinking evil of others, treats them unfairly, is cruel and greedy, and quarrels with members of his own family.

“Devotion should bring us closer to God,” he noted.

After Mass, Agustín went on to bless images of Our Lady of Fátima brought over by his parishioners. (Raymond A. Sebastián / CBCP News)

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