‘Teaching kids how to pray develops leadership’

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MANILA, May 31, 2013—Leadership and accountability may prove to have a more spiritual dimension to it through prayer, as believed and promoted by a kids’ ministry group.

“When they pray, they remember the one who created them – ‘yung nag bless ng life nila (the One who blesses their life)… Someone is greater up there and I’m accountable to Him and He’s accountable for me. He will take care of me,” said CFC-Kids for Christ International Coordinator Nic Escalona in an interview earlier today.

Never too young for accountability

According to Escalona, when kids grow up they take to heart this sense of accountability as leaders – something which is easy to forget because of common temptations of power and self-interest.

“He will remember he is accountable to others [as a leader]. He will not easily compromise himself, ‘yung principles niya, ‘yung family niya.”

Escalona, who was a KFC member himself back in 1993, said kids who join KFC receive “strength or courage [that] sooner or later in life, they will need.”

“Whatever they learn at this stage they will carry with them in life dahil bata sila (because they are kids),” he added, stressing how crucial the early years are as a time to build on personal foundations.

Advocating leadership

For Rudy Regencia, a sector KFC coordinator of an area that covers the cities of San Juan and Mandaluyong, developing leaders starts with a spiritual foundation and ends with advocacy.

Mas maganda talaga na matutunan nila ‘yung mga ganoong advocacy, umpisa sa worship hanggang sa [they] become a good leader someday,” he said.

KFC has several advocacies catchily described by their titles. Batang Kalikasan promotes love of the environment among kids, encouraging them to help plant trees during their Global Day of Service and learn to throw trash in garbage bins and not just anywhere as a habit. Through Batang Business, KFC also encourages kids to save money or try simple money-earning ventures like selling food they cook to help others. Posting about God or sharing inspiring stuff online is also one thing KFC wants children to practice with Batang Media.

Having 3 of his 4 kids join KFC, Regencia can attest to a gradual and concrete change in children after they join the ministry.

“There were those who would not even listen, but after some time, there came about a gradual change until they themselves were the ones leading,” Regencia added in the vernacular.

For more information on CFC–KFC, visit www.cfckidsforchrist.com [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]

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