Teachers urged to be patient, act professionally

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MANILA, Jan. 11, 2013—An uploaded video that has gone viral showing a professor violating the rights and welfare of students in a school in Pasay City, has generated strong condemnation from viewers, with a Catholic priest reminding teachers to exercise more patience and act professionally towards their students.

Fr. Conegundo Garganta, CBCP’s youth commission executive secretary said that because of the incident, schools need to conduct regular forum for teachers on how to handle stress and conflict situations.

“They also need maintenance check like social-spiritual-psychological, among others,” said Garganta.

He said members of the academe need to be aware that they are not invisible in the public eyes. If they do good, they will be recognized and if they do wrong, they will be publicized.

But he also said the professor should not be removed immediately because such action should only be done upon completion of the investigation.

Garganta furthered that teachers must practice basic respect, professionalism and must act appropriately according to age.

The National Youth Commission (NYC) strongly condemned the violent acts of the professor caught abusing his students verbally and physically within the school premises and stated that he [the professor] actions is a clear violation of the Student’s Right and Welfare (STRAW).

“Schools should provide an environment of learning, growth and fun, not one that tolerates barbarism, impunity and violence against youth and women. This incident also brings to light an example how social media can effectively expose violation against student’s rights and welfare,” said NYC Chairman USec. Leon Flores III.

Flores calls on young people to be vigilant and to report STRAW transgressions.

Meanwhile, the professor was already relieved from his teaching at the Montessori Professional College, Pasay City. (Jandel Posion/CBCPNews)

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