‘Take the Word in your womb,” online missionaries urged

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Msgr. Pedro Quitorio explains to some 400 summit participants what it takes to become effective missionaries online.

MANILA, Nov. 23, 2013—A ranking Church official and Catholic Communicator yesterday dared Christians to be “pregnant” with the Word of God before using social media to evangelize. 

In his speech before the participants of the 2nd Catholic Social Media Summit, YouthPinoy adviser and CBCP Media Office director Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III said Christians who want to participate in the movement to evangelize the digital continent should be like Mary. 

Presenting the image of Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth, Quitorio said online evangelizers should carry the Word in their wombs, just like the Blessed Mother. 

“Be pregnant with the Word of God. Then tweet about your pregnancy,” he said. 

Quitorio said online missionaries could only be qualified to talk about the Word of God on social media platforms if they carry it with them. 

“If you can’t be pregnant with the Word of God, nothing will be born out of you. Only when you are filled with the Word will you be qualified to post about it on social media,” he added. 

Like Msgr. Paul Tighe, the Papal Twitter account manager who gave the keynote speech in the summit, Quitorio urged Catholics to live what they profess on social media. 

“There should be no dichotomy in what you post on social media and how you live your life. After all, there is no separation between the virtual and real world. There is just you,” he added. 

In his talk “The Digital Transmission of Faith: What it means to be a Catholic online,” Quitorio dispelled the prevailing misconception about the evils of the internet, saying that it is digital communications that helped spurred the mobilizations against injustice as well as advanced Church advocacies.  

The Catholic Social Media Summit v2.0 is presented by YouthPinoy and co-presented by the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Youth and Media Office. The Summit is still on-going at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Manila. (YouthPinoy)

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