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The official Facebook page of Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.

MANILA, Nov. 29,2013—Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle warned the public against several social networking pages using his name, noting that they are bogus sites being used for fake cash solicitations.

Tagle requested the public not to patronize the fake sites and ignore all forms of solicitations coming from them.

Last August, the senior prelate called on users of social media to use modern technology in ways that can contribute to progress instead of fooling people to fulfill their self-serving interests.

“I just discovered that a lot of Facebook accounts bearing my name have been created by people I do not know. Some of those accounts are even being used to solicit money from people,” he said in the vernacular.

According to an article posted in the website of the Manila Archdiocese (www.rcam.org), there are six fake Facebook pages bearing the cardinal’s identity, namely: “Archbishop Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle, D.D., STD,” “BishopLuis Antonio G. Tagle,” “Bishop-luis Antonio Tagle,” “BishopLuis Antoniogtagle,” “Luis Antonio Cardinal Gokim Tagle,” and “Luis Antonio Gokim Cardinal Tagle.”

It also clarified that the true and official account of Tagle is the Facebook page “Bishop Luis Antonio G. Tagle” (with with 362,000+ likes as of November 26), which is being managed by Jesuit Communications.

“Whoever is behind this scheme, I am hoping that your conscience will haunt you and make you feel guilty,” the cardinal said. “To begin with, that is not even your own identity to use.”

He urged netizens to be more cautious in using various social networking sites, noting that deeper scrutiny is needed to protect themselves from the abuses perpetuated by those who engage in money swindling and many other evil schemes.

“There are people who immediately give donations upon seeing that the request was made under my name. I urge you to confirm first the validity of those solicitations by calling the appropriate office,” he said.

“You should not believe everything that you see in the social media,” he added.

Instead of using modern technology for unlawful acts, Tagle called on social media users to maximize the advantages of networking sites for the evangelization of the good news.

“Let the social media be an experience of the truth and justice of God and not the dishonesty of the world,” he said. (Jennifer Orillaza)

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