Tagle to voters: Reject ‘false shepherds’ in 2016 polls

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Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle

MANILA, Sept. 23, 2015– Saying the right to vote is sacred, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle called on voters to reject “false shepherds” in next year’s elections.

The cardinal cited John’s Gospel where Jesus draws a sharp contrast between Himself as the true shepherd and the Pharisees as false shepherds, whom He calls thieves and robbers.

“A false shepherd is a thief while a true shepherd will not steal just to be rich or will take advantage of other people,” said Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila.

The cardinal’s message was aired over Church-run Radio Veritas last week before he left for the World Meeting of Families in the US whic Pope Francis is also attending.

He will also deliver a talk at the event in Philadelphia on Sept. 27 where the Pope is scheduled to preside over a Mass.

The church official also reiterated the CBCP’s call for voters to look at candidates’ track records and characters when casting their ballots.

“Look at their track record! Is it a track record of compassion or a track record of encroachment?” Tagle said.

True servant leaders, according to him, serve their followers instead of the other way around, possesses greater integrity and deeper compassion for others.

“Let’s not use our votes for shallow reasons,” Tagle said. “Vote wisely! One good vote will make a difference.” (R. Lagarde / CBCPNews)

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