Tagle to vain people: Be human, not ‘cabinets’

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MANILA, April 12, 2015—Noting how vanity and materialism have been the ruin of many, Manila’s chief priest has raised the alarm on dangers of false beliefs and empty promises, reminding them to be human and “not cabinets.”

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle (Photo: CBCP News)

“Don’t believe that your worth as a person depends on the number of jewelries you wear. If that’s the case, you can’t be considered a person. You are a cabinet … Be human!” Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle shared in a recent homily.

Singling out the young people in his audience, the prelate urged them not to allow themselves to be swayed by novel beliefs and ideologies.

Vain ads

“Don’t be tricked into patronizing such and such a product just because an advertisement tells you so,” he said.

“Don’t believe that you’ll look human only when you have smooth and silky hair,” he added.

According to him, even when someone scarcely has a strand of hair left on his head, he is human as long as he values decency and integrity.

Tagle, moreover, blasted those who think they affirm their humanity every time they embrace the latest trend and fashion.

“Not a chance. I am not impressed. I will not tremble before you,” he declared.

Ecce Homo

The cardinal stressed he will tremble only before the Person Pontius Pilate presented to the Jewish mob, with the words: “Ecce Homo [This is the Man].”

While he might not have realized it, the Caviteño prelate explained what the Roman official uttered ultimately had to do with God’s saving work.

“Jesus was shown half-naked, with nothing to boast of, defenseless, powerless, helpless … He had no stylish clothes on. He was black and blue. His hair a mess. His friends abandoned Him,” he said.

Being human

But despite the horror the Lord had been through, Tagle pointed out Christ taught people how to be human.

“Let us save our brothers and sisters from false humanity. Jesus did that before us. Let us do as He did,” Tagle said. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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