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Manila Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Photo: CBCP News)

MANILA, Aug. 19, 2015— Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has reminded the faithful they have a moral obligation to the next generation.

In his latest “Kape’t Pandasal” video on Youtube, he said the future lies in the hands of present leaders and decision-makers.

“Someone once said, the greatness of a generation can be measured by how well the previous generation prepared them,” Tagle said in Filipino.

He said, however, many people do not really care about future generations, thinking only of themselves.

Being one of the leading church advocates against climate change, he cited, for example, the obligation to protect the environment “so it will continue to give life in the years to come.”

“Let us fix society, politics, and the economy so that we can leave an honorable country to them (the next generation),” he added.

“Let us promote and pass on a righteous and compassionate culture. Let us not deny this to the next generation,” Tagle also said. (R. Lagarde/CBCPNews)

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