Tagle outs ‘Oratio Imperata’, tells Pinoys not to panic

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MANILA, Dec. 7, 2014—Following forecasts tagging “Ruby” (International name: Hagupit) as a super typhoon, Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal has issued an “Oratio Imperata” (Latin: Ordered Prayer) as part of the nationwide preparations for the natural calamity, stressing Filipinos not to panic.

“Let our preparations include prayer. Let us humble ourselves and seek the mercy and compassion of God at this time of impending peril and destruction,” he shares in a circular dated Thursday, Dec. 4 in which he urges the Filipino faithful to recite the “Oratio Imperata for Deliverance from Calamities” in Catholic churches until it is lifted.

Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio G. Cardinal (Photo: CBCP News)

An Oratio Imperata is a prayer for a special intention, like deliverance from calamities, apart from the ones prescribed by ritual, which the Pope or the bishop of a diocese may require to be said at Mass.

Besides the prayer for mercy and deliverance to God the Father, Tagle calls on the public to fill their “hearts with compassion for those who are hungry, homeless, isolated by floods, threatened by strong winds and landslides”.

“Let us pray that they may find food, shelter, and safety,” he says, advising them “not to give in to panic”.

“Instead let us focus on being prepared and on being of help. Let us heed all typhoon warnings and all advisories from the government agencies that monitor this type of situations,” the prelate adds.

The prayer reads as follows:

Oratio Imperata for Deliverance from Calamities

Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to you

in gratitude for the wonders of creation,

for your providence in sustaining us in our needs

and for your wisdom that guides the course of the universe.

We acknowledge our sins against you and the rest of creation.

We have not been good stewards of your creation.

We turn to you, our loving Father and beg forgiveness for our sins.

We pray to you for protection from calamities,

from the floods and raging waters brought by storms,

rrom howling winds that destroy our homes,

from the loosening of earth that brings landslides.

Calm the storm and keep us all safe and far from harm

these perilous days and always.

We ask this through Your Son Jesus Christ who lives

and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit now and forever.


(Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)


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