Tagle joins fury against investment scams

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Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle (Photo: CBCP News)

MANILA, Sept. 3, 2015— The head of Manila’s Catholic Church has denounced investment scams, describing it as blatant disregard for the dignity of the human person.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle denounced the scam which continues to dupe more people into losing their hard-earned money.

“It is sad but a lot of people gave all their savings but it amounted to nothing,” said Tagle in Filipino over church-run Radio Veritas.

He then said investment scams are reminders that work should be an important expression of human dignity.

But today, he said, there is a risky tendency to use work to take advantage of other people.

Tagle expressed hope that people will stop making a living out of deceiving people.

He said the “networking scams” should serve as a reminder that dignity should always be at the heart of work, in its thousand forms.

According to the prelate, the incidents of scamming should serve as a reminder that work should remain noble and that earning money should not come at the cost of destroying other people’s lives.

He added, people should not just think about making a living but also about how they can lighten others’ burdens and not add to their fellow men’s problems. (CBCP News)

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