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Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle leads the Palm Sunday celebration at the Manila Cathedral, March 29. (Photo: Noli Yamsuan/RCAM)

MANILA, April 2, 2015— Even though it may not always be the most popular thing in the world, Manila’s head prelate has driven home the value of doing right in the face of difficulties and suffering.

Manila Archbishop Luís Antonio Cardinal Tagle invited the faithful, singling out the youth, gathered at the Manila Cathedral to emulate Jesus Christ who had  become a witness to His Father despite the taunts and the tortures He had endured.

“Young people, don’t allow yourselves to be affected by those who mock, who laugh at you for doing what is right. Stand firm! Stay faithful! Sooner or later, it will come to pass” he said in his homily for Palm Sunday.

“Joy without measure awaits those who remain steadfast in their faith in God,” he said.

Christ’s Passion

Unlike others who suffer through their own fault, Tagle pointed out that while Jesus Himself did suffer, His is that of a man who had lived nobly and truthfully.

“Many suffer because of their own foolishness. Many suffer because they stole. Many suffer because they are corrupt, he declared.

“Christ’s suffering is nothing like that. His saves! His is the suffering of Someone whom the world rejected precisely because He was one with God,” the prelate explained.

According to Tagle, this is why Jesus’ suffering and death is a mystery given that the unspeakable evil of His passion became the Good News that has made the salvation of humanity possible.

“How comes it that Christ’s Passion is Good News? How could the atrocity done to Him save? Why? What was it in the Cross that makes it a Good News, that enables it to save us, and give us a new life?” he asked.

San Lorenzo Ruiz

Tagle also exhorted the faithful to draw inspiration from Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino saint, who did not waver in his faith, proclaiming the Good News to the end.

“Young people, parents, public servants! Even though it may bring much suffering and hardship, remain faithful to God. Be like San Lorenzo Ruíz de Manila who declared that he who would gladly die a thousand more times for God,” the cardinal said.

“This is what I call Good News,” he added. (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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