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MANILA, Sept. 7, 2016 – ReginaCaeli Publishing is holding a free seminar titled Demonology and Spiritual Battle: Preparing our Youth for Spiritual Warfare for CL heads, campus ministers, school administrators and owners this Oct. 19, 2016 at St. Joseph Retreat House in Bustillos, Manila, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

According to Anthony James Perez of ReginaCaeli, the seminar is “both timely and necessary as the youth are constantly being exposed to elements in both traditional and social media that have evil and occultic origins.”

He said teachers and parents have a great role in guiding their children towards spiritual battle.

“Like it or not, we are at war,” explained Perez. “St. Paul says it like it is. We are at war against principalities and against demons who wish only one thing: to turn us away from God and drag our souls to hell.”

“The things our youth watch and see and read online and offline – they slowly turn us away from things that are of God, and coax us to believe that evil is good, and good is evil. I have seen young people play the Ouija board and Tarot cards, during their retreats, no less,” added Perez, who has also been a speaker for retreats for the past 15 years. Ironically, the first idea that comes to young people’s minds whenever they go on retreats, revealed Perez, is to “ghost hunting”.

“And these are students from our Catholic schools. Clearly, there is something wrong and something has to be done, and this seminar is the first step towards finding a Catholic alternative to what our youth finds worthy of watching and reading both in social and traditional media,” he said.

Fr. Jeffrey Quintela, exorcist for the Diocese of Antipolo, will give a talk in the morning titled “Spiritual Warfare – An Exposition on Demonology”, which is about the nature of evil and the devil, common occult practices that endanger souls, and the best way to prepare for spiritual combat.

Perez, the second speaker, will give a talk in the afternoon about “Spiritual Warfare and the Media”, which will explain how the influence of mass media is eroding the faith and endangering the souls of our students, and how viable Catholic alternative media can be promoted.

The seminar is free but requires a reservation fee of Php 100, inclusive of media kit and certificate.

For inquiries and reservations, call Mr. Perez at 0929-1733558 or email reginacaelipublishing@gmail.com. (CBCPNews)

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