Social media may cause ‘passive parenting’, group warns

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DMII Committee on Morality in Media chairperson Dr. Edna Mae O. Landicho, PhD (Photo: Yen Ocampo)

MANILA, Sept. 9, 2015 – Though social media definitely has positive effects on the young like promoting creativity, interaction, and learning, it may also give rise to so-called “passive parenting”, said the Daughters of Mary Immaculate International (DMII).

“Social media can also result [in] passive parenting and benign neglect caused by parents’ reliance on gadgets,” said DMII Committee on Morality in Media chairperson Dr. Edna Mae O. Landicho, PhD .

Moderate internet usage

Landicho urged all parents to continuously monitor and always remind their children about moderate internet usage.

Social media is both boon and bane, according to Landicho, who is also the DMII Diocesan Regent of Diocese of Novaliches. Other negative effects of excessive social media use includes children’s decreased social skills because of a lack of face-to-face interactions and teens’ declining mental health, according to Landicho.

Landicho is a retired Theatre Arts Professor of the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts, University of the Philippines, Diliman. She currently handles acting workshops and Tagalog classes for ABS CBN’s Star Magic.

DMII’s 5-pronged Ppojects

The Daughters of Immaculate – Committee on the Morality in Media has recently launched their 5-pronged projects.

According to Landicho, they will strengthen their organization by creating social media accounts in order to promote and exchange ideas with the different DMI circles around the globe. Social media accounts will also be used to promote the group’s synchronized activities like fun runs/walks to generate interest in the proper use of the internet.

DMII will also launch online campaigns to promote children’s traditional games like patintero, taguan, sungka, luksong tinik, etc. The campaign will link up different schools and promote the family hour, family weekend, no video/computer, gadgets, and story -telling sessions for family bonding.

Their 5-pronged projects also include a creative expression workshop for theater, dance, voice, visual arts in coordination with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, which offers “Batang Sining Workshops”.

“Just like in previous years, DMII is committed and will continue our efforts to enhance the media awareness among our fellowmen, help them understand the good and bad effects of media and try every possible means to encourage the media providers to give us forms of media that could help improved the moral values of man,” Landicho added.

The Daughters of Mary Immaculate was formerly known as the Daughters of Isabella established in 1951 by Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ, who promulgated the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines, along with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), and other Catholic oriented organizations. (Yen Ocampo / CBCPNews)

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