Silence on corruption is being ‘Judas’ ?bishop

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MANILA, Nov. 12, 2012— A Catholic bishop, while expressing concern over alleged corruption in Palawan, called upon people to make efforts to eradicate them rather than become betrayers like Judas.

In a pastoral letter, Puerto Princesa Bishop Pedro Arigo urged the people to work together in taking a serious view of the rampant irregularities and root it out.

Titled “The Lord and Corruption,” the statement exhorted the people to action especially when the public funds “intended for the people goes to the pockets of a few.”

“To remain silent or indifferent to the issue of corruption because one wants a quiet life, or has a personal interest or debt of gratitude, is to be an accomplice to theft and exploitation and is like being Judas to the people,” Arigo said.

The prelate also stressed that fighting corruption, which according to him is the major cause of grinding poverty in the country, was a duty to God and to the people.

“There are so many poor, because there are so many corrupt, thieves of the people’s money,” he said.

The pastoral letter was read during Masses in all Catholic parish churches in Palawan yesterday.

Bishop Arigo has earlier called for an investigation into the alleged misuse of the P2.3 billion proceeds from Malampaya Gas Project off Palawan.

According to him, some powerful politicians were behind the “anomaly” and should be held accountable for “causing pain to the society.”

“The money just went to corruption practically,” said Arigo, adding that his crusade is based on an issue of morality and not political. (RL/CBCPNews)


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