Silence makes St. Joseph ‘model of contemplative life’—lay preacher

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MANILA, March 18, 2015—A Catholic lawyer-preacher has paid tribute to the “Glorious St. Joseph,” Jesus’ foster parent par excellence and chaste spouse to the Blessed Virgin, whose silence, he noted, has made him a “model of contemplative life.”

Marwil N. Llasos, a professed member of the Archdiocese of Manila (RCAM)’s Company of St. Dominic (CSD) shares about St. Joseph’s qualities and relationship to Jesus. (Photo: Louie Peñafiel Hermosa)

St. Joseph ‘revival’

As interest in Christ’s earthly father which Pope Francis’ “Meeting with the Families” speech helped renew continues to grip many Filipino faithful, Marwil N. Llasos, a professed member of the Archdiocese of Manila (RCAM)’s Company of St. Dominic (CSD), explained the saint’s silence indicates his “abiding trust and faith in God.”

“No questions asked in following God’s will,” he shared, pointing out that God employs the language of silence in communicating with humans.

Speaking in silence

“God speaks to us in silence. Angels speak to Joseph in silence … in a dream,” Llasos reminded CSD members and aspirants during the secular institute’s recent monthly recollection.

With too much noise confusing today’s world, he said the faithful can draw much inspiration from the silence of St. Joseph.

“He is a man of action … guardian, defender, and protector of the Holy Family,” he added.

Unique fatherhood

In the same event, Llasos stressed the uniqueness of St. Joseph’s paternity in that the Heavenly Father chose him to be the earthly father of the Son, who in turn chose him to be His legal father.

While his fatherhood to Christ is neither biological nor natural, the Dominican lawyer-preacher stated it is spiritual and supernatural given that it is willed no less than by God the Father Himself.

In his Gospel, Luke confirms that Joseph is the “father” of Jesus Christ (2:48), and collectively refers to him and Mary as “parents” of the Lord (2:41).

The carpenter

Moreover, as the “carpenter’s” Son (Mt. 13:55), Jesus has taken over the social identity and trade of Joseph as “the carpenter” (Mk. 6:3).

“Because of Joseph, Jesus was legally [the] true heir to the throne of David,” Llasos said.

First honor

According to him, Joseph is given Protodulia (first honor) due to his singular role in the life of Christ.

“Next to Mary, Joseph is the greatest saint in the hypostatic order,” he explained, adding that in calling him a “just man” (Mt. 1:19), Scripture has already canonized him.

“God entrusted His greatest treasures, Jesus and Mary, to St. Joseph … Be confident that St. Joseph will guard, protect, and defend our treasures,” he said. (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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