Sen. Trillanes: RH Bill is problematic because of sex ed

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MANILA, August 15, 2012?Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV clarified his stand on the RH Bill, saying he finds the bill’s provisions on sex education particularly problematic.

In an official statement, he expressed reservations about the capability of school teachers to handle “sex” as a subject, as well as the appropriateness of discussing such a sensitive topic with young children.

Trillanes warned people of possible scenarios where students will come home from school and report, “Mom, we were taught how to put on condoms in school today.”

He also stressed the central role parents should play in talking about sex to their children.

“Only the parents know when their kids are ready to be educated about sex and it’s definitely not when they are in Grade 5,” he explained in a statement issued by his office.

Another reason Trillanes cited why the bill merits more scrutiny is the fact that the Department of Health has been distributing and promoting contraceptives even without the RH Bill made into law.

The Bill, in effect, becomes useless.

Trillanes’ appeal to the public is to read the RH Bill’s different versions to know what it really is about.

Today, Sen. Vicente Sotto, a strong opponent of the RH Bill will be giving the second part of his privilege speech on the controversial measure. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz]



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