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CACERES, July 5, 2014 – What do priests do before becoming priests? More than just studying, these men of the cloth undergo a period of “transformation” in seminaries, says a priest.

Before ordination, a seminarian has to undergo several years' of philosophy, Theology study and personal formation. (Photo: CNA)

“Seminary formation is change,” said Caceres Vicar General Msgr. Rodel Cajot, P.C. in a recent homily to more than 200 seminarians gathered for the formal opening of the academic school year for Caceres seminaries.

Cajot stressed the quality of priestly formation, explaining that it entails the transformation of “a young man into a priest according to the heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, indeed into an alter Chistus, another Christ.”

This is also why those entrusted with such a position to mentor and guide these young men have a very crucial yet noble task to accomplish, he explained, quoting a Congregation for Catholic Education document titled, “Directives Concerning the Preparation of Seminary Educators.”

According to the document there are seven essential qualities that a seminary priest-formator ought to possess: “a strong spirit of faith, an active priestly and pastoral consciousness, a spirit of communion, human maturity and psychological equilibrium, a clear and mature capacity to love, the capacity for listening, dialogue and communion, and a positive and critical attention to modern culture.” (Natalie Hazel Quimlat)

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