‘Self-acceptance leads to greater faith’

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LEGAZPI City, Oct. 4, 2012—One of the speakers during the 2nd plenary session of the on-going National Conference for Youth Ministers (NCYM) in this city pointed out that understanding and self-acceptance are the keys that unlock the door to greater faith.

Ms. Joy Candelario from the Bukal ng Tipan in Antipolo City shared that youth ministers can learn, develop new skills and become mature in faith by knowing their inner self.

“We need to accept our self. And as youth ministers, prayer and reflection are needed. If you want to be aware of your own self, you need to find time first for personal prayer,” Candelario said.

She added that aside from personal prayer, openness to feedbacks and corrections is also important.

Ministers should also be ready to disclose feelings to spiritual director or pastoral coach for in this way they acquire confidence in responding to the call of the ministry.

Candelario also mentioned that youth ministers must have a well balanced life, seek opportunities to learn more about faith and ministry and to recognize Jesus.

“Everyone must have a wheel of life to balance everything. Opportunities on the other hand are needed so that ministers can study or learn new things and will enter new ground in the ministry. And recognizing the presence and intervention keep them grounded.”

She challenged her fellow youth ministers to live in communion, to celebrate and live the sacrament and to have regular community youth experience among ministers.

Candelario identified that this can easily be understood through the word LIGHT, which serves as acronym for Love, Inspire, Guide, Heal, and Teach.

“To be a light to the youth means to be living the faith,” she furthered.

Albay congressman bonds with delegates

Meanwhile, participants received a warm welcome from Albay representative Al Francis Bichara who came to bond with delegates during the dinner fellowship on the first day of conference.

Bichara said that he is happy that their province was chosen to host the National Conference for Youth Ministers 2012 and to meet the delegates.

He also said that the NCYM is an interesting event which will remind the youth of the good values of life.

“Most of the youth nowadays are into the internet and the social networking sites. So with this event, they can instill in their minds the values of a simple life without technologies and will have a break in using it,” Bichara added.  (Jandel Posion)

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