Secret to success: put God first—priest

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ANTIPOLO City, March 2, 2014—Apparently, the self-help books got it wrong. The secret to success in life is putting God first, a priest said. 

“You want to be successful, put God first. And for sure, success will follow,” Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, SSP said during a private celebration of the holy mass this morning for the Garden Prayer Partners of Mahal na Ina. 

God first, solutions follow 

According to Fr. Sobrejuanite, often, people get engrossed with personal concerns like getting a job, earning a lot, problems with children, all the while forgetting that God should remain first in life. 

A truly pleasing prayer is one that asks “that the kingdom of God will rein in my heart and in my family,” he added, instead of demanding solutions from God. 

Fr. Sobrejuanite, who has a healing mass televised over Solar News Channel every Sunday, also intimated that when God is put first, people are more free to help others. 

Heart that gives 

The priest also told the story of a man who met him in tears because he was so moved by the stories of ‘Yolanda’ survivors the priest would tell during his homilies. The man, according to Fr. Sobrejuanite, was also pained because he had not, until that time, been able to personally help them by donating something. 

“In pain because others are in pain – that’s a beautiful heart,” he added. 

Despite describing him as “an ordinary-looking man, probably a laborer”, the man gave Fr. Sobrejuanite, who was on his way to Iloilo, P10,000 as a donation for the victims of ‘Yolanda’. 

Then, as he recounted, it was the priest’s turn to cry because of the man’s generosity. He prayed, “Teach me, Lord, the same kind of love [as the man’s]. 

“This is a great man. This is no ordinary money, this is sacred money…This is money coming from a heart that is in pain, a heart that wants to reach out to others,” Fr. Sobrejuanite said. [Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz] 

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