Salvatorian sisters mark 25 years of religious life

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The silver jubilants ( L-R: Sr. Frances R. Mangabat, Sr. Carolina S. Lapara, and Sr. Mary Adeline C. Abamo) with Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo and priests (Photo: Oliver Samson)

QUEZON City, Dec. 10, 2016 – Three nuns of the Sisters of the Divine Savior (SDS) celebrated their 25th year as brides of Christ in a Holy Mass at the Christ the King Seminary in Quezon City on Nov. 8.

Sr. Mary Adeline C. Abamo, Sr. Carolina S. Lapara, and Sr. Frances R. Mangabat, said a quarter of a century spent with their congregation is “a blessing” and expressed gratefulness for the grace.

“For me, the 25 years with the congregation is a great blessing to celebrate,” said Abamo, who is a children and women’s rights and welfare advocate. “God has been there always in my journey. I am so overwhelmed with His grace and unconditional love.”

‘So happy’

According to her, despite her limitations as a human being, she was able to rise above challenges in the past 25 years because God has been always around.

“I am so happy,” she said. “If I will be given birth again, I will choose again a religious life with the Salvatorian sisters.”

Looking forward, Abamo said she will continue serving God by sharing her life with the poor, especially abused children and women whom she has accompanied for the last 15 years.

“I want to encourage young professionals, men and women alike to continue discerning for their vocation,” she said. “Always live by faith.”

Mangabat saw the silver jubilee of her religious profession as a day to be grateful for the graces received in the last 25 years.

Day of thanksgiving

“This is really a day of thanksgiving,” she said. “We have gone through many opportunities that [have] continued to move me forward.”
Mangabat expressed gratitude for the support from her family, congregation, friends, and well-wishers during the past decades.

“I am blessed. But this blessing is not only for my own consumption. This is meant to be shared.”

She said she is grateful for the grace that helped her rise each time she was down.

“There is no one who I can hold on to except God,” said Mangabat, who is in charge of the Salvatorian Sisters’ formation and administration work. “He is always faithful.”

Blessing to be shared

Mangabat was also sent to missions in depressed areas outside Metro Manila where she helped build BECs.

“I believe that God will still bless me with the same blessing that I have to share with the same people,” she said.

Attended by over 200 people from across the country, the thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration was officiated by Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo.

The Salvatorian sisters celebrated their 25th year of religious profession, coinciding with the congregation’s 128th Foundation Day. (Oliver Samson / CBCPNews)

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