Root of nation’s problems are not people, but bad leaders—foreign activist

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MANILA, Dec. 17, 2013—Foreign activist Michael Billington of Executive Intelligence Review branded the Philippine’s population control policy now pending before the Supreme Court as a ‘false idea’ and boldly added that “the cause of problems is bad leaders.”

Referring to the controversial RH law which will turn a year-old on Dec. 21, Billington said, “This cannot solve any problem and can only contribute to the idea, a false idea that the cause of problems is people. The cause of problems is not people; the cause of problems is bad leaders.”

Billington was known for his debate with James Putzel an expert of the London School of Economics Asia over the insurgency in Southern Philippines.

Being an agricultural country, the Philippines needs to tap its vast agricultural resource, which the government failed to fully support that resulted to lack of food and poverty among the people, Billington added.

“If we are producing, if we are inspiring population to forge ahead the frontiers of science to expand those technologies to productive process and have new technology for food scientifically, then there is something to trickle down,” said Billington.

President Benigno Aquino III secretly signed the highly divisive bill into law December 21 last year, which many believed was lobbied in Congress using pork barrel funds.  (Paul de Guzman)

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