RH law contributes in the rise of internet pornography

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MANILA, Jan. 18, 2014—Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo blamed the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Law on the widespread patronage of pornography in the country. 

In an interview over Church run Radio Veritas, Pabillo reiterated that the government cannot counter the rise of internet pornography until it teaches the sacredness of sex. 

Pabillo also expressed that the ‘culture of addiction’ will surge to a high due to the government’s promotion of condoms, contraceptives and its support for the Reproductive Health law opposed by the Church. 

The prelate added that the government is countering itself in its initiative to combat child pornography while at the same time it promotes a culture of sex through pills and condoms. 

“You cannot counter pornography if you do not show the value of sex, that it is not a game, it is sacred, it has a purpose and should not be indiscriminately promoted even to minors,” said Pabillo in the vernacular. 

“It is saddening that the government said it would combat pornography but it itself promotes pills and condoms that encourages relationships outside marriages and extra marital affairs. It is not right and they should be consistent,” he added. 

Pabillo reiterated that poverty should be addressed sincerely by the administration and is the main reason for the spread of internet pornography where most of the victims are minors. 

“Poverty is the reason, it is because of poverty amongst our people that pushes them to cyber pornography and it should be addressed sincerely. What is happening is that most parents were unable to provide education for their siblings causing ignorance that eventually drives their children to cyber pornography to make a living,” he said. 

In 2012, during the height of the debates on the RH bill now known as Republic Act (RA) 10354, Lingayen Archbishop Socrates Villegas, known widely as a close friend of the Aquinos, issued a pastoral statement labelling the controversial policy as a form of corruption. 

Archbishop Villegas is the current president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. (Raymond Bandril) 

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