RH law about population control, not health– priest reiterates

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Fr. Melvin Castro

MANILA, Jan. 8, 2014— Amid fresh calls for the implementation of the Reproductive Health law, a Catholic priest said this only means that the measure is really meant to control the population. 

“It only shows that their underlying reason for the RH law is population control and they denied this,” said Fr. Melvin Castro of the Church’s Episcopal Commission on Family and Life. 

The Health department and other RH law advocates urged the Supreme Court to decide now on the measure to help address the supposed growing population. 

This after the Commission on Population (PopCom) reported that the country’s population is expected to reach 100 million this year. 

The Church and its allies have repeatedly warned that the measure was just cleverly packaged as a health measure when it is clearly about population control. 

The RH law, which promotes the use of artificial contraceptives in family planning, has not been implemented yet due to a restraining order issued by the SC. 

Castro said the human resources, if properly harnessed and utilized, could lead to sustainable growth and enhance the country’s economy. 

“We should not be alarmed. It’s a power and a potential that we should harness. We should welcome it especially in this current state of our economy,” he added. 

The priest, however, agree that the SC must finally resolve the petitions on the RH law but it should consider the expose of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada on the manner it was passed in Congress. 

“Sen. Jinggoy exposed that the pork barrel was used to pass this law. We appeal to the SC to consider this as a law that was passed because, technically, Malacañang bribed (the lawmakers),” Castro said. 

“What kind of law is this if it was passed through immoral and illegal means?” he also said. (CBCPNews)

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