Renewed sense of values can address teen pregnancies—Priest

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MANILA, Sept. 9, 2012—A renewed sense of values among the young can arrest the increasing incidence of teen pregnancies in the country, a Catholic priest said.

Episcopal Commission on Youth executive secretary Fr. Conegundo Garganta expressed his concerns over the issue, saying teens nowadays seem to think that getting pregnant at a young age is a normal thing.

He added that young people who see their friends getting pregnant early make them think it is acceptable.

Garganta noted that these are young people who are often advised by parents about the consequences of premature physical intimacy but often, reminders are not enough.

The priest went on to say that young people must also be reminded about a sense of guilt, what is right and wrong, so they will not be unduly influenced by the example of their peers.

When asked if the media give wrong ideas about sex and relationships, Garganta said the community must also be vigilant about this and should not simply blame the media for the increase in teen pregnancies because of what is seen on television or in movies.

“Maybe what we can do is to have a good cooperation within the family, society, government, Church, and other sectors of the society to work together to […] boost the human character or the values of every person in the community. Everyone is involved in this situation,” he furthered.

Meanwhile, the government policy-making body, the National Youth Commission (NYC) will spearhead the 2012 National Summit on Teen Pregnancy on September 14 at the Heritage Hotel in Manila.

The event aims to call attention, heighten consciousness and raise awareness about teenage pregnancy and its consequences to young participants. (Jandel Posion)



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