Remains of Filipina who died in Bahrain brought home

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MANILA, April 17, 2013—Kathleen’s now home. 

The body of Kathleen Ann Viray Ilagan, the 31-year old pastry chef who allegedly committed suicide inside the Philippine Embassy’s shelter, arrived yesterday at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Parañaque City. 

“I have been able to get in touch with Kathleen’s sister, Micheileen, and she said that Kathleen’s remains had arrived at the airport, 11:00 a.m. Manila time, via Gulf Airlines fight number GF-14,” John Leonard C. Monterona, Migrante-Middle East regional director told CBCPNews via Google Talk. 

Monterona said that doubts still remain about Viray’s gruesome death, since the police report stated that Kathleen had hung herself to death, on a doorknob, which is only waist-high. 

“Even the cord used in hanging is also mysterious. According to the reports we have received, it is impossible that Kathleen would found a rope in the shelter, for there is no clothesline there. And how come that no one had noticed that Kathleen is committing suicide? Where are the Embassy or security personnel that time?” Monterona said. 

He also said that while there were repatriation documents and police reports, no autopsy report was included in the papers inserted in Kathleen’s casket. 

“The family plans to have Kathleen’s body autopsied to find out what is the real cause of her death,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Monterona continued to call on the Department of Justice, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and even the officials of the Catholic Church to conduct a deep probe on Kathleen’s death since there is something terribly wrong about her untimely demise. 

“We could certainly notice the time difference in the repatriation formalities between an OFW remains on mysterious death case and to natural death due to illness or due to accident of an OFW abroad. The former will only take 2 to 3 days, while usually remains repatriation will take at least three months to a maximum of 6 months… but Kathleen’s case is quite different… And why the Embassy didn’t conduct a thorough investigation about her death? Are they hiding something?” Monterona said. 

“I think our ambassador to Bahrain should explain himself to Kathleen’s family and to the Filipino communities, not only in Bahrain, but to all OFWs who deserve protection while seeking temporary shelter in embassies all over the world,” he said. [Noel Sales Barcelona/CBCPNews]

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