QC Catholic school denies stripping student of top honor

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QUEZON City, March 26, 2015—Days after a video of a high school salutatorian’s “interrupted” speech went viral online, the Santo Niño Parochial School in Bago Bantay, Quezon City has broken its silence on the issue involving Kristel Mallari, who accused the Catholic institution of depriving her the top honor she claims she deserves.

In their official statement posted on the Diocese of Cubao website, the management, faculty, and employees of the Santo Niño Parochial School categorically deny Mallari’s allegations.

School policy

While it is true she was ordered to cut her speech short, the school explains it was only because Mallari flouted the rule concerning speeches by departing from the original welcome remarks she herself had earlier submitted and sought approval for, instead, gave an unapproved one, which focused on her personal grievances.

The Catholic school states the speech Mallari delivered was hardly the welcome remarks expected at a graduation event, given that it allegedly aimed to malign a fellow student who happened to be the year’s valedictorian.


The Santo Niño Parochial School administration adds Mallari’s father, Ernesto Mallari, had repeatedly harassed its teachers, one of whom he shouted at, and many others he forced to sign a prepared document.

The school maintains it cannot arbitrarily change its computerized grading system.


The institution notes further that almost each year, the Mallaris had some complaint to file, which the school duly attended to, saying it has always dialogued with them about their concerns.

Their complaints notwithstanding, the administration points out these did not keep Mallari’s parents from receiving her awards during recognition day, and went on to enroll her in the same school year after each academic year.

True and right

The Santo Niño Parochial School administration stresses it continues to uphold what is true and right despite the accusations.

To read the whole statement, visit http://dioceseofcubao.ph/?p=1865.

Wrong timing

Meanwhile, Br. Armin Luistro, secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd), has questioned the timing of Mallari’s speech.

He told Rappler on Tuesday, March 24: “For example, the allegations are true. Where do you say that? Do you say that in a graduation? That’s also an issue. Because some issues cannot be resolved…maybe [it was] the right issue in the wrong forum.” (Raymond A. Sebastián/CBCP News)

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