Protestants encouraged to pray Divine Mercy chaplet

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MANILA, July 11, 2016 – Noting the universality of the Divine Mercy chaplet, a priest and at least one youth leader called on Protestant Christians to consider praying the Divine Mercy chaplet, a Christian devotion that focuses on the mercy of God.

“[The Divine Mercy is] the focal mystery that unites all Christians. Christ’s merciful love. Totally unmerited on our part. An unconditional love that summons all who believe in him to conversion and repentance,” said Fr. Caesar Santos, chaplain to the University of Asia & the Pacific School of Education and Human Development.

A group of Catholics and Protestant Christians from the School of Education and Human Development, under the guidance of Santos, recently prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet together in a rare show of liturgical unity.

Point of unity

“I encourage Christians of all stripes to consider praying this Chaplet of Divine Mercy for after all it is about the Mercy of God,” said John Bernard Ordoñez Caasi, who suggested the praying of the Divine Mercy chaplet in place of the rosary at the said event to make Protestant students more comfortable in joining the activity.

The former vice-president of PHAROS added: “This devotion can provide us a breakthrough that through the grace and mercy of Christ, we may achieve unity for after all it was His prayer that we ‘may all be one.’ Let us not be tired of asking the Father to have mercy on us and on the whole world…”

While some Protestants might scoff at the idea of praying a very “Catholic” prayer, the 21-year old noted even the prominent American Evangelical pastor and author Rick Warren is said to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday.

An explanation of the repetitive nature of the Divine Mercy Chaplet would help prepare the hearts and minds of Protestant Christians who would like to explore a new way of worshiping the merciful Jesus.

Rich prayer

“Protestants from my background always have a bad impression of the concept of tradition due to some Scriptural references taken out of context; and Protestants are not comfortable [with] praying repetitively, again because of Bible verses which were misunderstood,” explained Caasi.

He said, however: “Surely, once properly understood in its purpose and in its richness in terms of doctrine, Protestants can pray and would even love to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet… It should touch each and everyone who does that so much so that they see its depth and its beauty that they may encourage others, Catholic or not, to try it out.”

Caasi said younger generations – Catholic or otherwise – have the most to benefit from the Divine Mercy chaplet.

“I think that there is a need for us to relive this wonderful tradition of the Church. The youth today shall be able to see the richness of this prayer,” he stressed.

“This Divine Mercy Chaplet brings us back to the moment when Christ poured out Himself entirely upon us, drenching the world with His endless mercy. Through the Cross, the whole humanity was reunited to the love of God regardless of their race and creed.” (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz/CBCPNews)

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