Prominent physician exposes truth behind contraceptives

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GUBAT, Sorsogon, March 23, 2014 – A well-known obstetrician and gynecologist bared the dark side of artificial contraception during a talk sponsored by the local Augustinian community on March 22 that jolted a long-held understanding on the issue.

Speaking at the Our Lady of Peñafrancia Chapel in barangay Tiris, Dr. Eleanor de Borja-Palabyab, MD, Doctors for Life Philippines (DFLph) president, uncovered for an audience of 300 people the sins of artificial contraceptives against family and life.

Uncovering the evils of artificial contraception

Dr. Eleanor de Borja-Palabyab, MD, Doctors for Life Philippines (DFLph) president talked about why contraceptives are anti-women. (Photo credit: Oliver Samson)

Speaking mainly in Filipino, she stressed, the natural capacity of the woman’s body to reproduce life is not a ‘disease’ and is a ‘normal’ condition. Anything naturally occurring  does not require drugs, otherwise, the body would be forced to act against its nature.

The use of artificial contraception is like the act of rotating the clock’s hands in reverse, de Borja-Palabyab said. Artificial contraceptives are reported to have caused life-threatening diseases in women, such as cancer of the breast, liver, and cervix, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Women who take oral contraceptives for 4 straight years have a 50 percent increased risk of getting breast cancer, she said. The Philippines has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia due to the use of artificial contraceptives peddled by the industry and the state through media as ‘good for the skin.’

Artificial contraceptive pills deplete the natural acid of women, which is supposed to  protect them from bacteria, De Borja-Palabyab said. As this natural protection is exhausted, disease-causing micro-organisms eventually attack the woman’s body.

High doses of estrogen in the woman’s body can cause blood clots in the brain and heart, De Borja-Palabyab said. There have been well-documented cases of at least forty-three women in England dying from blood clots in the lungs after taking 2nd and 3rd generations pills. Artificial contraceptives also cause high blood pressure that may lead to stroke.

The Intrauterine Device (IUD), on the other hand, kills the chance of the woman’s egg to reproduce life together with the man’s sperm by poisoning the former with the copper that is inserted into the uterus, she said.

The danger of condoms

The pro-life ob-gyne also discouraged women from ligation, which she condemned as not only anti-life, but also a mutilation of a perfectly functioning part of the human body.

But with all sorts of family planning methods flooding the market today, including the calendar method, none work with 100 percent reliability, De Borja-Palabyab said. A woman may get pregnant even if she is taking artificial contraceptives.

“There is no perfect contraceptive,” the well-known ob-gyne said. “And there is no such thing as safe sex” even with the use of artificial contraceptives that are long proven to threaten the health and well-being of women.

Artificial contraceptives do not also guarantee safe sex, she said. Condoms, which have long since been thought to be guaranteed protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), usually have holes from 5 to 70 microns, compared to the size of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which is only 0.1 micra, a lot tinier than 5 microns, making it easy for the virus to pass through condoms.

Dr. de Borja – Palabyab also debunked the belief that condoms will protect the user from HIV.

De Borja-Palabyab referred to artificial contraception as “embryonic abortion,” killing life at its earliest stage, and encouraged couples to resort to the natural family planning method. (Oliver Samson)

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