‘Problematic’ couples can learn from #AlDub – priest

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Fr. Regj Mamaril (Photo: Kabataan Ni San Jose)

MANILA, Sept. 20, 2015 – What can husbands and wives learn from a top-rating noontime show featuring a couple who have never met? A lot of things like perseverance in times of difficulties and sacrifice, says a priest.

“Greatness is given when we are able to face the most difficult, the most painful situation in life even unto death,” said Fr. Regj Mamaril, director of the San Pablo Diocesan Youth Commision, explaining to CBCP News the gist of his anticipated Sunday Mass homily on Sept. 19.

No giving up

Citing the time Alden Richards and Yaya Dub were supposed to meet when a piece of plywood suddenly popped up between them, the parish priest of St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Calendola Village, San Pedro City, said the natural tendency of husbands and wives who experience obstacles in their marital journey is to give up.

“The person who gives up or turns his back on life’s challenges never wins,” added Mamaril in Filipino.

According to the priest who has been serving in his parish for more than two years now, those who are presently experiencing problems in the family can learn from #AlDub.

Unwanted pregnancies

“When [husbands and wives] encounter the hardships of married life, their tendency is to turn their backs [on each other]  or separate,” Mamaril explained.

Quoting Scripture, the priest said Jesus, Son of Man, also faced His own challenges, especially that of being handed over to men to be killed.

He also stressed those who have unwanted pregnancies can learn the same lessons, saying many resort to abortion because they run away from the challenge of life.

Mamaril said these people simply realize the “shame” of their situation and resort to abortion without recognizing it as one of life’s challenges. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz / CBCP News)

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