Pro-lifers renew call to junk RH Law

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MANILA, March 23, 2014—In a relentless bid to continue raising public awareness on the alleged evil of the Reproductive Health (RH) Law, hundreds of Catholics from various lay and church groups trooped the Quirino Grandstand grounds last March 22 for a “A Million Prayers…A March for Life” rally.

Pro-Life Philippines executive director Lorna Barcarse Melegrito stressed, the RH Law, should it be finally implemented fully, would spawn a “culture of death and sexual immorality among Filipinos, especially the youth”.

Confident that they are fighting for what is right, they circled the whole area between T. M. Kalaw Street and the Grandstand several times despite the dizzying heat in protest of the RH Law.

Despite the scorching summer heat, hundreds of pro-life protesters marched in the Luneta area against the RH Law. (Photo credit:Raymond A. Sebastián)

Led by Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, the protesters prayed the holy rosary in the hope that this might help proponents of the RH Law “see the light” and reconsider their position.

Before starting the rally, the prelate celebrated holy mass at the Ermita Shrine where he denounced supporters of the RH Law as having been “misled by the evil one”.

Arguelles likened these pro-choice and RH Law advocates to the “Prodigal Son” in the famous Gospel parable.

He urged the attendees to pray for the Supreme Court (SC) magistrates so that they would be divinely guided in their decision concerning the RH Law.

The Batangueño archbishop particularly expressed his disappointment with President Benigno S. Aquino (PNoy) whom he observed is not living up to the legacy of his late mother, Corazon C. Aquino.

After the success of the so-called “People Power” revolution in 1986, which sent dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos packing, then president Corazon Aquino called for the creation of a new charter which would accommodate a number of much needed amendments.

Among the noteworthy achievements of what has been tagged the “Freedom Constitution” is its pronouncement on the “sanctity of family life” and the right to life of both the mother and the unborn. In Article II, Section 12 of this charter, it reads in part, “The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception.” (Raymond A. Sebastián)

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