Pro-Life PH slams DOH birth control advert

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MANILA, July 1, 2014— Lay group Pro-life Philippines criticized the health department’s birth control ads on TV, saying such “pointless propaganda” must be stopped.

The group lamented that the DOH has resorted to costly advertisements using public funds just to “brainwash” the public.

A pro-lifer rallies outside the Department of Health to protest its aggressive promotion and distribution of condoms and other forms of artificial birth control. (File photo)

Pro-life was referring to a certain commercial showing a child’s struggle against poverty because of her parent’s failure to plan their family through birth spacing.

“We would like to go on record: the ad was pointless, and it reveals the true nature of this government, and it is not helping the needy,” it said.

The group stressed there is nothing wrong per se with spacing and planning one’s family, but equating it with poverty, and pushing the contraceptive mentality is “wrong”.

Proof of this, they said, is a study showing the economies of China and Singapore improving with high population growths.

They also noted how even the Catholic Church has been pushing for family planning, but not through artificial contraceptives.

“We do have issues when the DOH starts giving out contraceptives that are cancerous and are known abortifacients and spend billions upon billions on them,” said Pro-Life.

Instead of such propaganda materials, the group strongly urged the government to come up with real solutions to address the worsening poverty in the country.

“We would like to urge our government: give us concrete solutions that will have lasting effects in our lives. There is so much poverty in this country, and the solution you put your funds on is the RH law?” said the group.

“Give us better solutions or we will continue to live in utter poverty, no matter how much we plan our family,” continued Pro-Life. (CBCPNews)

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