Priest urges students to avoid plagiarism

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MANILA, Sept. 12, 2012—With the issue of plagiarism becoming hot copy these days, a Catholic priest called on the youth especially students to avoid plagiarizing others’ works and respect intellectual property rights.

Fr. Conegundo Garganta, Youth Commission’s executive secretary urged students to avoid plagiarism and should always acknowledge the author or writer of the copied texts or phrase.

“Students must be taught, from elementary to college, on the importance of acknowledging the source of texts, statements, etc., that they will use in their assignments or projects. They must be taught that [it is unethical to plagiarize] and original authors don’t absolutely prohibit using their work but are asking to be acknowledged,” he said.

“I see it fair when someone attributes the original writing or text [to its author], whether in books or in any medium the composition was interpreted. I cannot say absolutely that this can lessen the act of plagiarism but a simple acknowledgement or attribution, is the least they can do to give respect to the original author,” he furthered.

Meanwhile, the National Youth Commission (NYC) through its chairman, USec. Leon Flores III reminded students that ‘plagiarism’ is wrong.

Flores emphasized that through seamless flow of information now provided especially by the internet, copy-pasting of ideas and some other forms of publications, it is important not to overlook the ethical practice of attribution to the original author.

“We should resist the temptation to copy-paste without proper attribution because that is still tantamount to stealing. Call it by any other name, but using someone’s work without attribution is stealing,” he said. (Jandel Posion)


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