Priest to laity: ‘Do your part, God takes care of the rest’

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Some 92 worship ministers and other parish leaders of San Fernando de Dilao, Paco Manila attend a retreat and team-building held at The Oasis of Prayer, Silang Cavite, Oct. 29, 2016. (Photo: Angie Gonzales)

SILANG, Cavite, Nov. 1, 2016 – “You are responsible for your tasks, God is responsible for the outcome.”

This is what Fr. Francis Salcedo told some 92 worship ministers and other parish leaders of San Fernando de Dilao, Paco Manila at a retreat and team building held Oct. 29 at The Oasis of Prayer in this town.

The priest added: “Who you are is as important as the ministry which you do and always use care in how you measure success.”

To set the tone for the rest of the event, Salcedo stressed the the importance of having regular retreats, saying it does not only mean “to surrender.” It simply means “I need to rest,” “to recharge,” and “to be healed” from the routinary and day-to-day service in the parish, he explained.

According to Salcedo, a retreat is “God’s heart-to-heart resuscitation.”

He concluded by saying, “Remember to care for your spirit, emotions, and body so that there will be something left to give.”

The Worship Ministry of San Fernando de Dilao Parish, Paco Manila under the pastoral leadership of Msgr. Rolando Dela Cruz, with Fr. Carlo Del Rosario, the ministry’s spiritual adviser, comprised nearly a hundred Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lector and Commentators’ Ministry members, Greeters and Collectors as well as members of the Mother Butlers’ Guild.

Fr. Francis Xavier Salcedo, Chaplain of White Cross Orphanage, who facilitated this year’s retreat themed “Liturgical Spirituality: Deepening Faith and Commitment to Service”, underscored the significance of being renewed in the worship ministry during the Year of Mercy and of managing stress as a means to “more effective witnessing” as a worship minister.

The attendees also participated in team-building activities, which emphasized cooperation, communication, listening, and sensitivity among the members of the different ministries. (Angie Gonzales / CBCPNews)

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