Priest talks about ‘love truths’ from AlDub

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Fr. Joel Jason celebrates a Mass at the 4th CFC – Young Couples Assembly held at the Bayanihan Center, Aug. 30, 2015. (Photo: Mark Eusebio)

PASIG City, Sept. 6, 2015 – It’s top rating on TV and white hot on social media, but a priest said the AlDub love team can teach the Filipino faithful a thing or two about real love.

“Whatever Lola Nidora’s challenge may be, even if it’s seems like a death wish, Alden does it for Yaya Dub. When you love, you don’t measure. The true measure of love is love without measure,” said Fr. Joel Jason in Filipino during a Mass at the most recent CFC – Young Couples Assembly held at the Bayanihan Center.

The newly-installed parish priest of parish priest of Mary Mirror of Justice parish in Makati added: “When you become legalistic, you become minimalistic (in loving). But when you love, you’re ready to do more than what is required…like Alden.”


“You don’t ask, ‘How far can I hurt my spouse until she leaves me?’ or ‘How far can I cheat you?’”, stressed the former Dean of Theology of the San Carlos Seminary.

“We should be maximalistic.. The motto (of CFC) ‘Love More’ is good. It shouldn’t be ‘less’. The question should be, how can I add to the love I give?”, Jason stressed in Filipino.

According to the priest, Filipinos sometimes apply this thinking to their love relationship with God, explaining how people often ask him about the “latest” time they can go to Mass without sinning.

“’Oh, so as long as I make it to the Gospel it’s ok’…But that is not the attitude of someone who loves,” said Jason in Taglish.

Some 500 husbands and wives attend the 4th assembly of the CFC – Young Couples' program, Aug. 30, 2015. (Photo: Mark Eusebio)

Similarly, people who love and are loved, he explained, should not fear laws, especially God’s laws.

“Let us not be afraid of the law. When you love something you surround it with laws. When you love someone you surround it with laws in order to protect it… That is also what happened to Israel. They were the beloved of Yaweh. And that is the reason why Yaweh surrounded them with laws,” Jason said, referring to the 613 commandments in the Torah, the Jews’ holy book.

Laws + love

“Every relationship has to have a law. When you love something you surround it with laws. Why? Because you’re protecting your covenant (with each other),” said Jason in Filipino.

“We feel as if [we are] being confined by this fence by God’s commands. Don’t look at it as a fence. Look at it as a guard rail, something that protects us against danger,” explained the priest, a leading Theology of the Body advocate in the country.

According to Jason, people believe that trusting in God completely means becoming His slave and losing all freedom.

“There’s nothing farther from the truth. Everything God does is not for Him, but for us. Without those commandments we are nothing,” he stressed.

Some 500 young husbands and wives attended the 4th YCs’ assembly which focused on the topic “10 To Do’s after ‘I Do’”. (Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz / CBCP News)

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