Priest: Many lawmakers are anti-death penalty but…

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Franciscan Fr. Robert Reyes

MANILA, Dec. 18, 2016 — The country’s model of politics can be a game changer when it comes to the Duterte administration’s firm resolve to revive the death penalty in the country, a Catholic priest said.

So far, Franciscan Fr. Robert Reyes of the Coalition Against Death Penalty (CADP) said many legislators are against the capital punishment.

“But the problem is our politics! It’s a politics of compromise and accommodation,” said Reyes, who is also known as the “running priest.”

This early, he said, some congressmen are already insinuating  that it will be hard for them to go against the administration “because they have to survive politically.”

“This is about survival. As early as now, they are already thinking of [the] 2019 elections. So it’s really sad,” he said.

As former CADP head, the priest has been campaigning for the upliftment of the dignity of Filipino inmates.

In his view, the government must pursue a society where prisoners can lead a life of justice, compassion, and dignity instead of restoring the death penalty.

“This is not about religion but moral and ethical conviction,” Reyes said. “It’s no longer just about principles but also conscience.” (CBCPNews)

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